What is hads_

A platform fueled by “glocal” tech talent that creates digital products on a global scale. Based in the heart of Riyadh, our work is a representation of our ideals, knowledge, and skills.

We pride ourselves in driving change through technology and creating meaningful apps for a worldwide audience and that’s what we call “createchtivity ”!

Our mission

We want to be a forefront of technological innovation and actively work towards a more sustainable future.

At hads_, we want to play our part in pushing the tech industry forward, and we can only do this by staying true to who we are and to whom our products are for.

At hads_ we are

Always on the lookout for the latest trends in tech & coding, we are courageous in our willingness to explore and adapt to change in order to stay relevant to consumers in the rapidly evolving market of digital products.

At hads_ we are

As a company that creates our own digital products, we are characterised by an entrepreneurial drive that allows us to remain independent and creatively free. Our work is a representation of our ideals, knowledge, and skills.

At hads_ we are

While staying true to our roots, we provide our team with the opportunity to drive change on a platform with a global audience.

At hads_ we are

We transform ideas into inspiring and meaningful digital products by combining technological creativity with a deep understanding of user needs.

At hads_ we are

We are resilient in the way we transform past experiences, good or bad, into valuable insights for us to learn from and grow.

Our creative process:
Our creative process:


Not just ideation, but finding the right challenges to solve.

Our creative process:


Creatively using technology & coding to solve these challenges.

Our creative process:


Using business strategy and practices to bring products into the market.

Working at hads_ goes beyond applying skills to a specific project. Here, working means to research, build and share knowledge and life experiences so that all team members can constantly be evolving not only professionally but also personally.

At our office, we maintain an inclusive and dynamic work environment encouraging the proactive participation of women in tech, allowing men and women to work, learn, and thrive as one.

At hads_ you will be asked to inspire, impact and change people and the world through the development of meaningful digital products. This is our “createchtivity” method.


Founder & iOS Developer


Backend Developer


Web Designer & Developer


Web Designer & Developer


Business Developer

Bin Duhaim

Social Media Manager
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